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released August 1, 2018


all rights reserved



DEEP DOWN Pennsylvania

bad music for bad people.

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Track Name: exit bag
air conditioned nightmare, cold sweat
can't help it -- never lose a bet
Suburbs? Where the fuck's that, kid?
Mile from the county line but we gotta walk so we take our time
Returned and I felt as id always felt:
Not a word, but a gag, then it never fails --
God's green earth won't miss it, barely permits it
what the fuck's missing?
dismissing, reminiscing:
bygone age. shit-start. teenage.
motherfucking hate this place.
hit this nose, hit this nose
fuck it now break, break
not right in my neighbor-

Asphalt rippin our tires theres no way we can make it
spraypainted "fuck this fucken place" i hope you never escape it
See you in the suburbs where the fuck's that? about a mile away from me
Toss this piece of shit bike to its death the tracks quickly ate it

gonna make you wanna make me make examples of you
i dont think you wanna know what happens from here

Maybe a little bit of fascism ain't so bad
Sound of that got you piss your pants?
Every face you see got a victim mask
Hit your pacifier and the pause button
Hit the pause button, you bitch

Can never go home 'cause it's all
Washed down with the rain through a filth-clogged drain
and it never comes back once it's gone away:
spit into your face with this, the imagery, sound
all the way, all the way, all the way
deep deep down
Track Name: 8ball
Pushed off a cliff
Shit broke when it hit
Crashed at our feet
Pulled the cord out and smashed it to pieces
8ball said it worked so I guess we (mis)did it
Now get on your knees and pick up the splinters

Get sick, get tricked
get up against the wall
I can't help you if you want it all
Look in my mouth, my spout,
propaganda snout:
straight down the hole
the hole
the hole.

You're no one, nothing, nevermind you design
new ways for us for us to waste our time
Distill what little we have left while you magnetize
you hypnotize
you repo the best of us; recycled

Track Name: broken glass (featuring Gilt)
God lives here;
Flashes bleak signals

God lives here;
Speaks with interference

Sun lies here;
Sweet, warm, molten evening

God lives here:
Red, hot, smoldering...

people going;
wind's still blowing;
we wake up on broken glass

moments fading;
seasons changing;
eyes kept shut until we pass

God lives here;
Flashes bleak signals

God lives here;
Flatlands stretch here

Skies are falling; temples caving
in our consciousness won't last

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